LLB Architects, Nat Rea (photo)

AIA-RI Golf Classic

In 1998, the AIA-RI Golf Classic was conceived with the vision of providing a source of scholarship funding for Rhode Island students pursuing a career in architecture. With the escalating cost of a higher education, this event has been a valuable and necessary avenue to assist students with their education. The AIA-RI Golf Classic has raised close to $300,000 since its inception, and because of your support, it has helped many students. We thank you for that and are appreciative of the commitment you have made to the next generation of architects.

While the AIA-RI Golf Classic is always an enjoyable day of golf, the real enjoyment is seeing the students with their families and their appreciation of how we have supported their education.  Please consider participating and/or sponsoring our efforts with this event. 

  • 2020 AIA-RI Golf Classic - Agawam Hunt (9/14): Save the Date 
  • 2019 AIA-RI Golf Classic - Agawam Hunt (9/9): Event site


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