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Events for June 27, 2019

Help Transform AIARI: Member Event

Thursday June 27, 2019

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Will you help AIA Rhode Island? 

Register Here


Location: Barnaby's Public House, 385 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903

First 2 beverages will be on AIA Rhode Island!

You're welcome to bring friends from your office too!



About the transformation:

AIA Rhode Island has working draft mission and vision statements and also a broad set of goals looking forward.

The agenda:

Your help is really needed for the next step in refinement: Participate in a candid member discussion on next steps. You can be part of the change you want to see.

Tell the Board what you really think about the draft (or in general). 

What's going well, needs improvement and what we should expect of our chapter.





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