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Membership Committee


The AIAri Membership Committee’s primary goal is to increase membership - both Architects and Corporate Affiliates. We are to serve the needs of our members by answering questions, addressing issues and create new participation. The Membership Committee was formed to provide a forum for our members to turn to for all things AIA.


We are actively looking for new members for the Membership Committee. We encourage you to meet with us at any time if you intend to be a member of the committee or just have some ideas! Please inform Conor MacDonald of your interest and we'll invite you to our next committee meeting.



Conor MacDonald, Chair        conor[dot]james[dot]macdonald[at]gmail[dot]com
Jonathan M. Taylor, AIA            jmtayloraia[at]hotmail[dot]com
Bethany Rochefort          info[at]aia-ri[dot]org


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