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Anchor Concrete Products, Inc/Trenwyth

35 Glen Road

[t] 978-807-0862 | [f] 603-298-9785 | [e] john.machunis@oldcastleapg.com

Members: Greg Piper

Trenwyth is a nationwide manufacturer of architectural concrete masonry units. Trenwyth's reputation for quality, innovation and customer service has been the hallmark of the company for over 35 years. Trenwyth pre-faced glazed and pre-finished ground faced concrete masonry units feature hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes and finished to inspire endless design possibilities. Our new Verastone recycled ground face and Verastone Plus recycled filled and polished units provide innovative recycled material with uncompromising design and application flexibility. Verastone and Verastone Plus, along with Astra-Glaze-SW+ and Acousta-Wal, contain significant pre-consumer recycled content contributing points towerd the LEED Green Building Rating System

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