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AIAri is Hiring!

Executive Director:

AIA Rhode Island seeks an energetic part-time Executive Director. 

The Executive Director plays a leadership role, manages the operations and financial health of the organization, and implements its programs. The ideal candidate is self-motivated but interacts comfortably with members, the public, with legislators and other organizations. An energetic and entrepreneurial approach to challenges, along with flexibility and adaptability are highly valued, as are the abilities to be both a quick study and strategic thinker. The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors, provide leadership to the organization, and manage day-to-day operations.

This position is ideal for a self-motivated individual who can work alone across a wide range of tasks, but also loves to work with people.  See below for a full job description.

Please send your resume and references to No phone calls please.

Executive Director Position Description -


The administrative and executive offices of the AIA Rhode Island shall be in the charge of the Executive Director, who shall be employed by and report to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the administration of the affairs of the AIA Rhode Island, and such other duties as the Board of Directors may assign. 

The Executive Director has primary responsibility for all aspects of the Chapter, including community/sponsor partnerships and networking, membership, advocacy, fundraising, and daily operations to include budget/cash flow management, program­ming and communications, including graphic design and website maintenance.

Working with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, the Execu­tive Director ensures that the association achieves its mission, its programming, and its financial objectives. The Executive Director will direct, coordinate and be responsible for the association programs and activities in conformance with the policies and the budget approved by the Board of Directors, within National and Chapter bylaws, and guidelines expressed by the Board of Directors and The American Institute of Architects.

Specific duties are described as:


  • Tend to the day- to -day management of the Chapter office (currently virtual), including telephone calls, correspondence, and collection and distri­bution of Chapter funds;
  • Maintain touch-down/gallery space located inside Roger Williams University at One Empire Plaza in Providence, including monitoring the space on a regular basis for mail, upkeep and cleanliness, and updating gallery as deemed necessary;
  • Implement on a continuing basis the general policies established by the Board of Directors and assurance of their compliance with AIA Standards of Service;
  • Maintain effective relationships with and outreach to AIA Headquarters in Washington, AIA New England and other organiza­tions promoting the built environment in Rhode Island, the New England region and nationally, for the purpose of promot­ing the Chapter, its members, mission, and objectives;
  • Direct all other activities necessary for the successful functioning of the Chapter as agreed upon by the Board and the Execu­tive Committee;
  • Maintain files, membership, and mailing lists;
  • Coordinate mailings to Chapter members, including the Chapter e-communications, program notices, and other information;
  • Publish listings of jobs available for members and people seeking jobs in architectural firms;


  • Assist the Treasurer and Finance Committee with development of an annual budget and oversee its implementation;
  • Assist the Treasurer as necessary:
    • Attend to the appropriate expenditure of Chapter funds as directed by the Board;
    • Make sure that physical assets, and other property of the Chapter are appropriately administered and safeguarded;
    • Deposit all moneys received from all sources, issue all checks in payment of Chapter bills (after consultation with the Treasurer when appropriate),
    • Maintain records for individual committee budgets and expenditures, as required;
    • Prepare a monthly Treasurer’s report of income and expenses prior to the Board of Directors meeting, including overview of the annual and monthly budget;
    • Oversee Chapter finances, including receiving, depositing and transferring funds as necessary for the Chapter in Chapter ac­counts.
    • Create an effective cost management system, including accurate records of membership and dues payment;



  • Work with board and committees to plan and implement all AIAri events including the summer conference and annual design awards celebration.  
    • This includes securing venue, contracts, catering, invitations, marketing and working with venue to ensure clear communication and planning.
    • Assist the planning committees with securing sponsorship for the events.
  • Continuing education
    • Submit programs for acceptance by AIA CES (includes getting program information from presenters);
    • Record attendance at programs and submit for credit

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

  • Prepare for monthly meetings with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee;

make necessary arrangements for a meeting location and related meeting needs;

  • Attend all Board and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Keep the Board/ExCom fully informed on the status of Chapter activities, finances, National developments and media relations;
  • Execute decisions of the Board relative to Chapter policies and business affairs;



Member Relations

  • Maintain an up-to-date list of Chapter membership and addresses, and a Membership Roster;
  • Oversee collection of annual dues from the membership; work with AIA National on rates, invoices, etc.
  • Maintain communications with National AIA regarding membership benefits and problems;
  • Maintain RI section of National AIA Membership database (NetForum) and reports, etc.


Web Site

  • Maintain Web site pages and secure outside technical support as needed;
  • Update and improve Web pages as needed; update database, events calendar, Find an Pro and News, job board; update content on pages as needed, etc.



  • Support committee chairpersons with information and facilities to enhance performance of their functions.





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