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Submission Criteria

General submission

  1. Submit each news item that has its own image separately (for example, each promotion accompanied by a headshot).
  2. AIA Rhode Island does not publish background information or press-release style content for new hires in Fame.


  1. New hires: Use format: [Firm] welcomes [title(s) and name(s) of new hires].
  2. Promotions: Use format: [Firm] has promoted [individual] to [title].
  3. Awards, honors, and certification: Use format: [Firm/individual/project] received [honor/ award/ certification].
  4. Conferences and programs: Use format: [Individual] spoke at the [organization/ conference].
  5. Publications: Use format: [Individual] published [book/article] in [publication]. OR [Book/article] by [individual] was published [in publication].


  1. Projects (in progress): Use format: [Firm/individual] is working on [project].
  2. Projects (completed): Use format: [Firm/individual] recently completed [project].

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