Since 2005 Cap Ex Advisory Group has guided impactful capital expenditures as a comprehensive owner’s representative.  We imagine a built environment that measurably improves lives.  Our values include empathy, curiosity, and thought.  We purposefully integrate unrelated, yet complimentary expertise.

Our 2023 growth strategy calls for several new team members from diverse backgrounds, with significant work histories in one, two, or all three roles below.  New team members will be employed on a full-time salaried basis, with benefits.

  • Role 1:  As owner’s representatives, we support owners and advocate for their interests in mission-driven capital projects.  Our target clients include institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations that need to develop capital projects.  We seek 3-5 new team members with a minimum of 10 years of expertise in architectural or engineering design, project management, construction, and/or real estate development.  These individuals will provide additional capacity to our existing team of owner’s reps.
  • Role 2:  As fiduciaries, we serve funders who support mission-based capital project development.  Our target clients include foundations, family offices, lenders, and governmental entities.  We seek 1-2 new team members with a minimum of 15 years expertise in lending or investing for impact investment sources such as CDFIs, CDEs, foundations, governmental entities, or family offices.  These individuals will develop and evaluate project financial models, perform research to align funding sources with candidate projects, build models to estimate and assess project impacts, etc.   
  • Role 3:  As specialty consultants, we solve unusual or extreme problems rooted in the physical environment. We seek 1-2 new team members with a minimum of 15 years expertise leading anchor institutions, nonprofit organizations, and/or governmental entities, ideally in a COO capacity or equivalent. Priority will be given to candidates with experience in public policy, environmental justice, economic/community development, crisis management, and capital campaigns.  These individuals will enhance our team’s capacities by providing a lens on clients’ operations. This may include assessing demand for new programs, preparing organizational leadership to proceed with a capital project, and consulting on other operational challenges.

Team members operate virtually.  We are location-agnostic and already serve clients in multiple locations, yet the enhancement of our geographic diversity is a top objective.  Our work is most valued in places where large gaps exist between high and low net worth populations, where waterfronts and other “edge” conditions exacerbate equity gaps, and where an active ecosystem of foundations and nonprofits support a multitude of complex social needs.  Priority will be given to applicants who reside or have networks in the Tampa/St. Petersburg and Boston/Providence regions, and/or to applicants who have flexibility to travel on a roughly monthly basis.

Send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to with the subject line “NOW HIRING.”  Please identify the role, or roles, you believe most apply to you.     

Cap Ex Advisory Group is an equal opportunity employer where diversity is valued.