Vision 3, Josh Edenbaum Photography

The City of Providence Department of Planning + Development is requesting ideas for a LIGHTING INSTALLATION for the Eddy Street Underpass

The City of Providence is soliciting creative designs for a lighting installation that would activate and enhance the safety and visual appeal of the Eddy Street underpass. The improvement of this space through unique artistic design would not only make the underpass significantly safer and more inviting for pedestrians, but it would also define a sense of place, effectively connecting the City’s emerging Hospital District with the more established, pedestrian-friendly Jewelry District. Activation of this space provides a significant opportunity to establish a well-designed, identifiable connection between these two vital districts, while promoting a safe, pedestrian-oriented environment. Furthermore, this project allows for an exciting opportunity to utilize the abundant local artistic talent, further enhancing the identity of Providence as “The Creative Capital.”

Responses to this Request for Proposals (RFP) must be submitted by July 24th at 3pm EST. Responses shall be electronically submitted via email to . Email submittals must have the subject line “Eddy Street underpass Installation RFP.”

Click here (pdf)for application.

In order to ensure an accurate and efficient flow of information, please address all questions and materials to:
Margit Liander
Principal Planner
Department of Planning and Development
444 Westminster Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 680-8522