Design Awards

Dune House

Dune House

Architecture Firm: Estes Twombly + Titrington Architects, Inc.

Year: 2018 Design Awards

Category: Residential Architecture

Location: Chatham, MA

Type: Honor Award

“This is simply an elegant contemporary home that respects the traditional forms and materials of New England’s “saltbox” architecture. The house takes advantage of a magnificent site taking in all the opportunities for views and environment through its siting. The reductive treatment of the immediate landscape and the house’s raised boardwalk and trellises are fitting and enhance the whole ensemble, while being integrated into the design. The arid palette of wood shakes, white painted window trim, crisp-white vertical wood board interior walls and ceilings, and substantial storm shutters of the project channels one’s “inner Andrew Wyeth” evoking a nostalgia for farm buildings and austere interiors within a coastal barrens landscape.”

  • Jurors’ Comments (AIA Akron, OH)
  • Chatham, MA