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Member Categories

As a 501(c)(6) membership-based nonprofit organization, The American Institute of Architects Rhode Island, Inc. (AIA Rhode Island) offers the following membership categories for individuals:

  • Member (AIA)
  • Associate Member (Assoc. AIA)
  • International Associate Member (International Assoc. AIA)
  • Emeritus Member/ Emeritus Associate Member
  • Allied Member
  • Student Affiliate Member

Companies cannot join AIA Rhode Island as a member but should consider Chapter Partnership and/or Event Sponsorship opportunities instead. 

Membership Eligibility

Each category of membership has different criteria for membership.  

Member: Individual architects, licensed to practice architecture in a U.S. State or Territory.

Associate Member: Individuals, without an architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Has a professional degree in architecture.
  2. Working towards architect licensure (i.e. enrolled in AXP or an ARE candidate).
  3. Works under the supervision of an architect (all employees in COA holding architecture practices in RI should qualify under this item).
  4. Is a faculty member in a university program in architecture.

International Associate Member: Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent from a non-US licensing authority.

Allied Member: Individuals with established professional reputations who are registered to practice their professions where such requirements exist, or persons who are employed outside of architectural practice but are involved in positions allied to the field of architecture. Individual Allied members may include engineers, planners, landscape architects, sculptors, muralists, artists, and others in government, education, journalism, manufacturing, industry and/or other fields allied to architecture.

Student Affiliates: undergraduate or post-graduate students of architectural schools, or secondary school students, within the territory of the chapter or state organization.

Dues & Dues Discounts and Programs

Members, Associate Members & International Associate Members join AIA National, and pay National and Chapter dues to them. They assign these members to an AIA Chapter. If you live or work in Rhode Island, you would be assigned to AIA Rhode Island, and your chapter dues will be directed to the chapter.

  • Members: $576 total ($288 to National, $288 to AIA-RI)
  • Assoc. AIA: $175 total ($125 to National; $50 to AIA-RI)
  • International Assoc. AIA: $359 total ($209 to National; $150 to AIA-RI)

  • New Graduate: Associate membership is free for up to 18 months. Learn more and read the fine print.
  • Licensure Candidate: Associate members seeking architect licensure (enrolled in AXP or an ARE Candidate) should submit a completed dues waiver which will reduce local Associate member dues: Associate Member Dues Waiver for Licensure Candidates (pdf)
  • Emeritus Member/ Emeritus Associate Member: Emeritus members are exempt from dues. Architect and Associate members who have been in good standing in AIA and have attained the age of 70, are retired, or so incapacitated that they can no longer work, and have either: 15 consecutive years of membership, or 25 cumulative years of membership with the three most recent years consecutively in good standing qualify. The AIA secretary may waive the age and period requirements on a case-by-case basis. 

Allied Members and Student Affiliates are AIA Rhode Island member categories. Dues are paid directly to AIA Rhode Island. There is no national membership or dues related to these categories. 

  • Allied members – $150

Student Affiliates:

  • Students enrolled in NAAB programs at RISD or RWU – $10.00/ Free for AIAS members.
  • Students enrolled in post secondary education in RI, including vocational and college programs – $10.00
  • Students in Secondary education (high school) in RI – Free

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Membership upgrade: Associate to Architect Form

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