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AIA Rhode Island is a great resource for finding job openings in the Rhode Island architecture industry. Have a local job opening to share? Email the description and contact information to .  

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Designer (posted 10/25/2021)

nemd architects

Design Professional II (posted 6/16/2021)

Job Captain (posted 6/16/2021)

Interior Designer (posted 10/21/2021)

Cordtsen Design Architecture, Inc.

Senior Project Architect (posted 10/15/2021)

A 4 Architecture and Planning

Architectural Designer (posted 10/15/2021)

Kite Architects

Administrative Assistant (posted 10/4/2021)

DiMauro Architects

Architectural Designer, Job Captain (posted 10/4/2021)

Fielding International

Postitions: Architectural Project Manager and Senior Designer (posted 10/4/2021)

McGeorge Arcitecture Interiors

Architect Project Manager  (posted 9/18/2021)

Signal Works Architecture

Architectural Project Manager (posted 9/2/2021)

Architectural Designer (posted 9/2/2021)

William Stark Architects Inc.

Architectural Interns, Designers and Job Captain level positions (posted 9/7/2021)

Flansburgh Architects

Project Manager/Job Captain (posted 7/29/2021)

Ed Wojcik Architect, Ltd.

Project Architect (posted 7/26/2021)

Architectural Intern (posted 7/26/2021)

DBVW Architects

Job Captain/Project Architect (7/13/2021)

Preservation Architect (posted 4/29/2021)

SLAM Collaborative

Project Manager (posted 6/16/2021)

Architectural Designer (posted 6/16/2021)

Project Architect (posted 6/16/2021)

Saccoccio & Associates Architects

Job Captain/ Project Manager (posted 5/25/20)


Senior Associate/Senior Project Manager (posted 8/6/2021)

Architect/ Job Captain (posted 8/6/2021)



Key terms:

Architect: Holds a license to practice architecture

Young Architect: Licensed 10-years or less

Licensure Candidate: Enrolled in AXP or an ARE Candidate

Aspiring Architect: Indvidual seeking licensure (Inclusive of students, professional degree graduates, and licensure candidates)

Intern: Architecture Student working in an architectural office while actively pursuing architecture degrees in programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), or studying in pre-professional programs.