Design Awards

Side Hustle House

Side Hustle House

Architecture Firm: Union Studio Architecture & Community Design Inc.

Year: 2018 Design Awards

Category: Unbuilt Architecture & Planning

Location: Cape Code, MA

Type: Citation

This conceptual house, or new urbanist housing ensemble, with its potential additions is simple in its form yet provides for a complex variety of options. This is the type of unbuilt project that while being practical and derived from economic necessities, still leaves room for choice, change, and chance—allowing the occupant to live like they want and not how the building dictates. The various arrangement of a telescoping tail or a sidesaddle addition to the base design provides a degree of vernacular charm when gathered in an arrangement of random order around a common green. The potential jumble of forms allows for a simulating development, driven by the vagaries of economic necessity that may spark a unique and diverse sense of community.

Jurors’ Comments (AIA Akron, OH)

Cape Code, MA