Design Awards

Tiverton Public Library

Tiverton Public Library

Architecture Firm: Union Studio Architecture & Community Design Inc.

Year: 2018 Design Awards

Category: Commercial Architecture: Civic/ Institutional

Location: Tiverton, RI

Type: Merit Award

A palatial and open plan that provides comfortable spaces for diverse functions that will serve the municipality by creating a place, formed in a traditional vein, for all ages.

The main entrance, while logically facing the main parking, presents a well balanced composition, with localized symmetries and a balance of verticals and prolonged horizontals. Certain over-scaled mannerisms and exaggerated details enliven the facade, anchoring it to the stylistic vocabulary of Shingle Style with the pronounced bay, ornamental treatment of the entry gable, the well proportioned windows and complimentary over-scaled exterior light fixtures, the decorative clock tower, and the flared skirt detail at the library’s base and bottom edge of its gable ends. This is a well studied and proportionally astute exterior design that remains consistent as one moves around the facility making a positive statement about the community and its inhabitants.

The central reading area gives a sense of history and importance, while providing flexibility for small or large events. The meeting rooms are warm and inviting. Spaces for children and youth are well conceived and provide intimate areas yet with an open and safe atmosphere. The one detractive aspect was the lighting design, which came across to jurors as less-than state-of-the-art and inconsistent with the well-appointed interiors.

Jurors’ Comments (AIA Akron, OH)

Tiverton, RI