The 2017 ACX Conference and Expo, brought to you by the Vermont Chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIAVT) and the Constructions Specifications Institute (CSIVT), is scheduled for May 11. This year, the 2017 ACX Conference and Expo will be a full day event to highlight and focus on Leading By Example: how today’s design professionals are setting the course for the future built environment.
Submittal Themes: Presentations appropriate to the conference focus, audience members, and targeted areas listed below are invited for submittal.

Targeted Presenters & Audience: Architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, commercial, institutional & industrial businesses, facilities managers, non-profits, and legislators.

Suggested Areas of Interest: “The 2030 Challenge”, Design Professionals & Local Governance Interaction, Public/Private Partnership, Stumbling Blocks for Getting Cities & Towns to Stand Up and Take Notice, “What the Pros Want to Know,” Grassroots/ Advocacy Fundamentals, Business Policy Recommendations, Resiliency and other Design Solutions, Material Components to Avoid, Innovative Products & Materials, Third Party Verification, etc.
Proposal Character: The Review Committee is actively seeking presentations that address relevant issues and conversations. Winning proposals will be highly visual presentations that explore topics from multiple viewpoints, taking into account various players. Proposers are encouraged to question conventional wisdom and offer bold ideas for all attendees to consider. Are industry professionals on the right track? Are we partnering with allied industries? What is your organization’s mission and how is it executed? Should design professionals be participating in local governance? Are you considering the relationship between the public & private sectors? What are examples of policy and design gone right? Presentations should be specific and of high caliber. Consultants and manufacturers may submit abstracts of a nonproprietary nature.
See the attached documents for more information and/or contact Eric Lussier at