Committee on Practice

Committee on Practice

See the Chapter Calendar for when the Committee on Practice meets.

The committee has 6 official charges for 2021-2022:

Charge #1 – Hold regular meetings to create a forum to discuss practice and legislative related issues. Coordinate with Communications and Events Committees as required.

  • Create a private forum for members to discuss legislative goals
  • Create a public forum for non-members to engage/comment on AIA legislative goals

Charge #2 – Create subcommittees as needed to address:

  • Practice issues, including Small business practice and Construction Contract Administration

Charge #3 – Create/publish an electronic resource document, a RI Architect’s Handbook on Practice, to include information on state codes, 128 form, and a template for Final Affidavits.

Charge #4 – Consider means of 1) reminding firm owners/deciders of projects they consider ethical implications of a project in advance of project commence, and 2) notification and engagement options for at-will employees who are assigned to projects they have an ethical conflict working on. Present findings to Board.

Charge #5 – Review AIA-RI’s Directory of Public Policies and Position Statements.

  • Identify to the Executive Director which existing AIA public policies and AIA supporting statements the committee would like to review in 2021 and 2022, for potential AIA-RI supplemental public policies and/or supporting statements. Commence review and submit a detailed report at quarterly intervals.
  • Consider policies on NAAB and NCARB education standard and opportunities to reduce financial impediments to entry into the profession.

Charge #6 – Identify 1 member to liaison to the communications committee.

If you are interested in joining or contributing to any of these items, please contact Roni Phipps at roni.phipps[@].