Hilton Hotel & Conference Center, Burlington, VT Wednesday and Thursday, May 20 & 21, 2015

ACX 2015 – Vermont’s Architecture & Construction Expo – brought to you by the Vermont Chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIAVT) and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSIVT), will highlight and focus on current global resiliency challenges, Vermont’s leadership role in the industry, and how we are moving towards an integrated resilient infrastructure addressing current and future needs. The conference will draw attendees and exhibitors from across the country, bringing together architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, business leaders and regulators from the entire building industry. Sessions will include design and technical workshops pertinent to resiliency topics, presentations on current discoveries, ideas, trends, products, policy, regulatory and financial issues, innovations, and case studies, as well as appropriate building tours to complement the conference title. The Expo Hall is free and open to the general public.

Submittal Theme: Presentations appropriate to the conference title, audience members, and targeted areas listed below are invited for submittal.

Targeted Presenters & Audience: Architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, utilities, commercial & industrial businesses, emergency management organizations, non-profits, and legislators.

Suggested Areas of Interest: Integration of Resiliency Solutions (e.g., high performance mechanicals, storm water management methods, unique building design modifications), Community Emergency Policy Recommendations, Preparedness Roadmaps and Strategies, Redundant Systems, Grid Management, Energy Policy, etc.

The Review Committee is actively seeking presentation ideas that address the creative, practical and technical requirements for integrating resiliency into all aspects of today’s built environment. Presentations should be current, specific, and of high caliber. Consultants and manufacturers may submit abstracts of a nonproprietary nature.

The submission should take the form of either a half-day workshop, one-hour presentation, portion of a one-hour panel discussion, or as a small 30 minute talk, dependent on content and relevance to the conference theme. Please indicate the length of presentation time you prefer with your submitted form.


Product promotions are available through exhibiting in the Expo Hall.
Speakers will be required to register for the conference online, but will be charged only a minimal processing fee.
Submissions Due: December 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM EST.