{{capitol{{As members of their communities, architects are professionally obligated to use their knowledge, skill, and experience to engage in civic life.  The Citizen Architect stays informed on local, state, and federal issues, and exercises their Right to vote in public elections.  This participation is critical to advancing policies that help architects get to work designing better buildings and communities.
On November 4th, 2014 Rhode Island will hold a general election;, and this year’s ballot will also include 7 measures.  The AIA Rhode Island Executive Committee recommends members familiarize themselves with these measures, and has prepared this brief to assist you in making informed votes.
The RI Voter Information handbook can be downloaded here: http://www.sos.ri.gov/documents/elections/VoterHandbook_2014.pdf
View a personalized sample ballot, and/or confirm your polling location here: https://vic.sos.ri.gov/vic/