Caleb Messier

Public Director (2021-2022)

As Graduate of Roger Williams (class of ’98), Caleb worked for a few firms then with Kite Architects for a few years then after a year in the field determined that his passion is the process of construction. His heart has always been with the design side of the building world but truly loves making the project happen and working with the crews in the field to problem solve, form and work with the team that makes the design take shape into the space that betters people’s lives. Married to an AIA member, NCARB advisor and fellow RWU grad Karen Hughes, who is now an adjunct professor at RWU and practices from their home in Providence, they are proud members of the RI building community.

Caleb’s often thought that he could benefit from being involved with AIAri and that his insight coming from the construction side could benefit development and the future of AIAri. His company, as it has grown in the past decade since he’s been there, has moved into a new office and was fortunate to take part and guide the new office design process (with Cortzen). Also he was able to add some industrial / interior design fabrications from left over building materials to create a new environment for their staff and make it something special. During this process over the past year, it has re-invigorated his passion for design. While his work life is primarily day to day management activities, he thinks he can contribute an outsiders view and help the AIAri to grow and develop an understanding of areas that they might not see in an unbiased way every day.