Design Awards

Case Mead Micro Lofts

Case Mead Micro Lofts

Architecture Firm: ZDS Inc.

Year: 2018 Design Awards

Category: Commercial Architecture: Multifamily Residential

Location: Providence, RI

Type: Citation

This project is a great example of restoring a fine yet typical downtown structure, renovating and adaptively reusing it into a diverse and urbane program of retail and housing. This project injects new life to a downtown Providence street. The façade restoration is well done, with great respect to its original design and to clearing away visual clutter. Even the integration of signage as required in today’s marketplace has been handled with simplicity and delight. It is evident that there was close coordination with the Rhode Island Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission. This project helps to promote community and density in a civic setting, even for people who might never set foot inside.

Jurors’ Comments (AIA Akron, OH)

Providence, RI